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Podcasting: An Introduction


Brought to you by Greg Schwartz, host of Uncontrolled Vocabulary, a weekly live interactive roundtable discussion of all things library.




Podcasting: What is it?


  • The word of the year!
  • A means of distributing audio content using RSS technology
  • Allows end-user to subscribe to a creator's audio content
  • Automatic downloads of new content
  • Time-shifted content - Listen to whatever, whenever, wherever!
  • iPod + Broadcasting = many misconceptions
    • plain old mp3s, no iPod necessary
    • listen on your computer, on your smart phone, on your media player


Why listen?

  • Control
  • Variety
    • Information/News/Keeping Current
    • Entertainment
  • Caveat: Real-time content consumption - it takes a minute to consume a minute


LIS-friendly Podcasts


What else is out there?


How to listen

  • Two needs
    • A way to find podcasts - directories/search
    • A way to download podcasts - aggregators
  • Some products contain both.


If you're on a site that podcasts

  • Look for something like the following:
  • Drag or cut-and-paste the URL into your podcatcher


Podcast aggregators (Podcatchers)


Podcast directories



Podcast search (This space has been significantly reduced at the non-enterprise level.)




Why podcast?

  • Marketing
  • Web presence
  • As part of your overall communications strategy
  • Because your patrons are looking for local content - they'll put you in their audio newspaper!
  • NOT because it's the hot thing that everyone is doing
  • Only if it's right for your organization
  • If you're already producing audio content, this is a no-brainer


What to podcast - a sampler

  • Programming
  • Bibliographic instruction
  • Tours
  • Book Reviews, New Materials
  • Upcoming events
  • Community news
  • Services to the visually impaired
  • Internal Communication?


Libraries that podcast



Find a longer, less selective list at the Library Success wiki.


Libraries that used to podcast well


How to produce a podcast - the old-fashioned way

You will need:

  • A computer
  • A microphone - start cheap!
  • Recording software - use Audacity
  • Server space and a file transfer client (SSH, FTP, etc.)
  • Two ways to get an RSS feed
    • Hand-code it
    • Use blogging software and Feedburner's Smartcast feature


Podcasting made even easier

Marketing your podcast

  • Use your website
  • Podcast directories
    • Think about keywords, descriptions and other metadata
    • Record a promo




Don't forget


Helpful online resources

David Free's library podcasting resources wiki

podcasting @ the university of wisconsin-madison

There's Something in the Air: Podcasting in Education

Ten Tips for Improving Your Podcasts

Transom's Tools for Podcasting

How to Find Podsafe Music

Podcast Academy blog

Podcasting News

Where to Submit Your Podcasts

20 Ideas for a Great Podcast


The future

Screencasts Online


Thank you!

Contact info

E-mail: greg dot schwartz (at) gmail dot com

IM (AOL, Yahoo, MSN): planetneutral

Skype: planetneutral








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